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Product description
Product parameters

1. High Luminous Efficiency: 90lm/w
2. Intelligent Light Control: with Microwave Motion Sensor

  1. Automatic switching based on motion and light level.
  2. Sensor function can be set to be available or non-available as needed.
  3. 4 tube lamps can be controlled separately, without interference.

3. Excellent heat extraction: Heat sink with high thermal conductivity ensuring the long lifespan of lamps.
4.  Anti-glare: with PC light diffusion cover, four pieces of tube lights make one luminous surface, which makes light soft&even,and reduce glare.
5.  Mounting: to be pendent with steel chains.



No Parts Material
1 Silicon End-cap Silicon
2 LED light fixture Aluminum base,LED
3 Cover PC
4 Switch  
5 Sensor  
6 Board for heat extraction AL 6063
7 Power supply  
8 Lamp housing Cold-rolled sheet
9 Lamp end-cover Cold-rolled sheet
10 Door plate Cold-rolled sheet


1. Workshop
2. Warehouse

Intelligent Control:

1) Lamp is offered with 4 switches, separately controlling on/off/sensing of the closest light
2) 4 lights can be controlled separately, without interference.
3) When switching to sensing function, the light can be turned on/off based on motion and light level.
4) Mounting height: 6 meters
5) Detecting area, holding time and light level can be adjusted according to needs.


Setting sensing data:


Detection sensitivity Hold time Light level
100% 10 s disable
75% 30 s 50 lux
50% 90 s 15 lux
25% 3 min 5 lux
10% 20 min

30 min


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