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Unique design on heat sink

Specialized device for light distribution with uniformity light

Controlled by constant current and voltage and applied to a wide range of voltage

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LED industrial lighting series of product could be applied in workshops, factories, warehouses, toll stations, gas stations, supermarkets, exhibition halls, gymnasiums and other places where indoor or outdoor industrial lighting is needed.

Unique design on heat sink

Unique design on heat sink is perfectly combined with housing of electrical appliance to efficiently conduct and diffuse heat, then lower temperature of internal light to maintain life span of light and power source.

Specialized device for light distribution with uniformity light

Adopted with independently designed device for light distribution, and aiming at controlling output LED light in the range as required, that improves uniformity of output light effect and utilization rate of luminous energy, as well as energy saving advantage of LED lighting fixtures.

Controlled by constant current and voltage and applied to a wide range of voltage

Overcome a series of phenomenon produced by ballast like grid and noise pollution and unsteady light, which could avoid stimulating and fatiguing to eyes as working.

The structure of the heat sink is tight and beautiful; its surface is treated by anticathode oxidation and anticorrosive processing to achieve IP65 standard, which is well anticorrosion, waterproof and dustproof;

Remarkable effect of energy-saving, high power LED light source is equipped with import efficient power, it could replace the traditional mercury lamp, sodium lamp, metal halide lamp for its remarkable energy saving advantage;

Green and environmental protection: Lead-free, mercury-free and bring without other polluters, no harm to environment.

Good color rendering and presenting a color much closer to real. All kinds of light color are optional, can satisfy the different environmental needs. Eliminate people's upset feelings caused by higher or lower color temperature from traditional lamps and improve the working efficiency of the workers;

Adornment effect is excellent; adopt special surface treatment technology, multiple color appearances are available.

Competitive second light distribution system for different application places.

Reached the best lighting effects and effective lumen's utilization.
IP Rating: IP65
IK Rating: IK10
Built-in power supply with 0-10v dimming function.
With the use of different types of diffuser materials and production techniques Neptune EYE-light can change its light line appearance which depends on the field of installation. For low height installations like shops and office lighting, but for high height installations like factories and warehouse.
Three Lighting distribution(Lambertian, High-line wide-beam, High-line narrow-beam), meeting different requirements.

Installation method:
Side T-slot gripping bracket
The side T-slot gripping bracket is shapped bracket which grasps itself in the T-slot on the side of the light fixture.
The suspension bracket is provided with a pre-drilled hole for the attachment of the fixture by means of, for example, threaded rods, chains, steel wire M5 suspension.
M5 suspension steel wire
The M5 steel wire suspension is a wire rope of 300cm at the end of the M5 threated rod for mounting the light fixture.
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